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How to Wear Summer White

How to Wear Summer White

It's sum-sum-summertime and things have been mighty hot, hot, hot down here in Kansas lately. The one thing I've had to adjust to the most is the heat. The average temp for the entire two months I've been here has probably been about 85-degrees, which normally isn't too bad, but with the humidity at close to 100-percent - oofta! With heat like this during the summer, I've been struggling to find the perfect way to keep my layered style functional (and cool). If you've been following my insta posts these past few months, dusters have quickly become my favorite way to layer for the summer months - plus they are a great transitional piece into fall and winter, too. 

Most of the dusters I have, aren't even traditional dusters! I just wear them that way! Lately, the ones I've found are dresses or vests with full length, front-facing buttons! These are great pieces to purchase because they obviously provide WAY more versatility and have multiple uses for wear. I have a black polka-dot one, for example, that I have worn TONS of different ways (see here, here and here).

The white lace one I'm featuring here is actually vintage from the 1960s. My husband's grandmother (who just turned 90!) was giving me a bunch of her stuff and since she used to be a buyer for Dayton's (a.k.a. pre "Macy's/Marshall Fields") it comes as no surprise that she had a lot of items that were right up my closet's alley. I've actually been wearing a ton of her clothes since winter time and one of these days, I'll do a roundup of my curated finds.

The reason this particular duster had been so good to me is because of the breathable white lace - it makes it nice and easy breezy to throw on, even if it's close to 100-degrees. White is such a flattering color and I don't wear it enough. I usually gravitate to the bolder colors or stick with my go-to black, but lately, I've realized how magical the color white can be to add to the wardrobe. It's effortless and chic, without being too proper. Plus you can easily dress it up and dress it down.

Here are a few ways I've been integrating white lately and some examples of wear I've incorporated it into my overall outfits:

1. The white skirt: 

2. The white shirt:

3. The white duster:

4. The white hat:

5. The white floral dress: 

6. The white Vest:

Tell me, do you like to wear white? Have you always or did you recently start seeing it pop up in your wardrobe? I'd love to know in the comments below!

XOXO, SarahRileyRose 

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