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Fall Fashion Musts | Trends to Watch and What to Buy

Fall Fashion Musts | Trends to Watch and What to Buy

Another season has come and went and today is the very first day of Fall! EEK! Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. Reason #1: I can cuddle up by the fire and enjoy all my cozy blankets. Reason #2: It’s my bday season! I’m an October baby and so the Fall always gets me excited for upcoming gatherings with friends. Reason #3: Fall fashion. Comfy sweaters, long dresses, leather, and all the faux fur possible!

For this post, I thought I’d break it out in two categories for your viewing enjoyment. I hope you love all my picks and the trends as much as I do! Let me know which trend is your favorite in the comments below.

Fall 2018 Style Trends

<<Monochromatic Madness>>

Why I like It: This trend just makes me happy! I love how people are integrating this into more mainstream style! My friend @MissMaryPowers just did it the other day perfectly! Don’t be shy! It’s kind of hard to screw up this trend, you just have to own it!

<<Leopard Print Attack>>

Why I like It: It’s versatile. It’s chic. And there are so many fun ways to integrate it into your daily look. If you don’t want to be super bold, you can be subtle and still nail it!

<<Oversized Pieces>>

Why I like It: Super comfy and cozy, yet relaxed. Grunge-vibes can be seen a lot here, but it just works. My go-to would be the oversized Blazer or Sweater over a fitted dress.

<<Mixed Prints, Colors and Textures>>

Why I like It: This one makes me happy because this is pretty much how i’ve dressed since 1988, but I am happy the fashion season is giving it the credit it deserves. Be adventurous with this one. It’s more fun and unexpected that way.

What’s On My Buy List

I’m going to invest in some pieces this season that I can wear not only in Fall but into winter and hopefully spring. So I’m looking for items like cozy layering jackets, great denim and some statement shoes that I know will pack a punch with almost any look! My advice to you would be to find 2 or 3 items you really like and only spend what you need. If a piece is over $100, I’m only going to get it on these two notions. Notion 1: It’s a piece I will have FOREVER and won’t need to replace in 2 months (think: Denim or quality boots) or Notion 2: It’s a one-of-a-kind piece that I will regret not getting the moment I see it because I’ll never see it again!! (This usually happens with sequin jackets…guilty). XOXO, SarahRileyRose

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