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Traveling in Style on a Budget with Gordmans

Traveling in Style on a Budget with Gordmans

Another month, another travel destination! Or at least that's what its felt like lately for me and my crazy schedule. I have had the opportunity to go to Oklahoma, Texas and Illinois all in the past two months and found myself in desperate need of a little update to my previous luggage situation and MAN did I luck out recently at Gordmans!! Have you ever been on a budget? Yeah, me too. Like every day, lol. But in all seriousness, I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on something that's going to get tossed around and dragged everywhere I go BUT I still wanted something stylish of course! 

So, I was doing some research and stumbled on the amazing deals you can find at Gordmans and you guys, their goods are not run-of-the-mill, boring stuff - they have QUALITY gems and basically everything you'd need related to travel. I walked in and promptly got so carried away that I needed a second cart (no shame in the double cart game!). Ya'll...it's already obvious but let's just say I did NOT leave empty-handed OR disappointed in anything I purchased.

Not only did I find swanky travel goods but I discovered they have a very robust athleisure section....so...yeah, those came home with me too. Here's a run down of everything I got:

  • Yellow Mia Toro Carry-on - $79!
  • Two pairs of super dope leggings (with the cute mesh accents) - $9/each
  • Waterproof Travel Toiletry bag - $8
  • Leopard Accent Slippers - $7
  • Belle Hop Leather Luggage Tags - $3/each

Are you convinced yet? The prices really are unbeatable. And I found out Gordmans has a unique program called the Lowest Price Guarantee, which is a price-matching program. The Guarantee means that if you find the same product anywhere else online or in stores, they will price match if you bring in the competitor's ad that shows the competing price! And not only that, they will even give you a $5 gift card for exposing them to the lower price. I mean, how cool is that?! Even better is that whenever a customer does this, they flag it in their system and lower the price on that item moving forward. It's really a win-win. SO, in culmination, will I be back? Absolutely. And how many carts will I need next time? Well, that's still TBD. 



Get fab luggage like my Mia Toro carry-on major discount at Gordmans.


I found amazing athleisure for my travel comfort as well!

*This post was sponsored by Gordmans. All opinions are my own.

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