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Real Talk: Words of Wisdom from a Blogger

Real Talk: Words of Wisdom from a Blogger

Life lately (sigh). So much going on and so many things I have put on the back burner over the past few months -- including the blog! I think summer has its way of placing you in its grasp and thrusting you to a place filled with whirlwinds of plans. In a way, its not really a bad thing, but on the other hand, it has consumed me to a point of exhaustion. Sometimes we need to let ourselves take a break and relax. To take a step back from the mundane and petty day-to-day and sometimes even a back step from the more fun ventures in order to breath deeper and calm the soul. I'm not writing this to say I've achieved this "soul-calming" step, but I feel I need to. 

I started this blog (and my Instagram) as a creative outlet. I didn't want it to become a job or a source of stress in any sense. And it sort of became that for a few months there. Its easy to get caught up in the "grow, Grow, GROW" mentality that so many other bloggers have and things start feeling like a competition so easily. Even when I meet new people, sometimes I just feel like people are fake, fake, fake! Don't get me wrong, I have an extremely tight knit group of blogger friends from around the country that are SO not just "blogger friends" anymore. (More on them later this week). And locally, there is really fabulous group of people I've come to meet that share my mentality of being real and authentic and honestly, that's what's kept me going. 

It's always going to be a battle to try to be better, more perfect, prettier, have more clothes, take more pictures, have a bigger following and to that I just need to understand that its how I deal with that reality and how I let it affect me that will have the most impact on my self-being. It is absolutely, 100% a conscious effort to not compare yourself to others or rate your self-worth on how many "likes" or "followers" you have in this day and age. It sounds so self-deprecating when I type this out, but seriously, I have to subconsciously talk myself out of thinking less of myself from time to time. Its insane how silly it has all become.

I find I constantly need to remind myself that I embarked on this journey because it makes me happy. Does it still make me happy? Yes. Why? Let me count the reasons:

  • I've met the most incredible friends all over the country that share my passion
  • I've had the opportunity to collaborate with companies and organizations I LOVE
  • I have a reason to dress flashy (as if I wasn't before - haha)
  • I can convey my inner-creative self
  • It's a great conversation-starter
  • I get to play dress-up whenever I want!
  • I can connect with people
  • It's allowed me to have more faith in myself

When I look at the list above, I smile. I wouldn't trade this endeavor for anything and am grateful I had the courage to keep going even when it felt like too much work. What I want to end on is this...I don't have a magic ball that shows me my future. I could wake up a month from now and realize that the pressure is too much or the excitement I once got out of blogging is over - I sure hope that never comes, but I will say to myself now, thank you. Thank you for pushing yourself, for getting out of your comfort zone, for following your passion. My greatest hope is that through this, I've encouraged someone to follow what they're passionate about. Take that leap!! Even if you fall, the entire way down is a load of fun and you'll learn a heck of a lot about yourself along the way. 

Until next time. XO, SarahRileyRose

*All photos are shot by the talented Lindsay Marcus at Tonkadale Greenhouse

**This incredible silver top is a vintage piece one of my besties got for me a while back. Extra word of advice: hold onto friends who know you this well


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