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5 Out-of-the-box Valentine's Day Ideas!

5 Out-of-the-box Valentine's Day Ideas!

To all my lovers and all my single gals alike, Valentine's Day probably brings you a mixture of emotions when it rolls around from year to year.

Let's be honest, it's a total Hallmark holiday; we feel the pressure to purchase candies, chocolates, flowers, you name it. That said, I've always admired the holiday for the fond memories it brought me. My favorite memory of Valentine's day are those of my younger years. Each year, my Dad would write me and my sisters individual cards; a kind of love letter if you will. I've kept many of those cards and hold them dear to my heart. He used it as a time to remind us of what we knew to be true all along - his love for us. 

For the past ten years James and I have been together, Valentine's Day has held more of a traditional place in our lives - however, that doesn't mean we have to do the same-ole', same-ole' each year! We always like to mix it up so it feels equally fresh and fun! I challenge you to make this Valentine's Day extra enjoyable (or enjoy it for the first time if you're one of the one's that despise Feb. 14th!) and to help you with that, I'm identifying my top 5 ideas for how to spend your Valentine's Day 2017! Check it!

1) Brunch It!

If you're coupled: A couple's brunch has been a fave of ours! We pair up with some of our besties and do a fancy (and homemade) brunch at one of our houses! My fave meal to make? Chilaquiles !!! Extra Tip: Make some Bloodies and Mimosa's!

If you're single: Follow the same idea but make it a gal or guy's brunch!

2) Cookie bar!

If you're coupled: Make your favorite cookie dough and some delicious frosting and decorate to your hearts content with you and your S.O. - make it fun with sprinkles and unique cookie cutters! No broken hearts here!

If you're single: Host a group of friends at your pad for a BYOCD (Bring your own cookie dough) party and heat things up at 350 degrees!

3) Fun at the Zoo

If you're coupled: Want to get a little wild? Then spend a few hours in the animal kingdom together! Make it even more interesting and add in a scavenger hunt aspect. (Eye spy a winning combo!)

If you're single: Grab your BF and head over to the park for some much needed time away from the busyness of the day and make some time for nature's finest species. Head to a local pub afterwards for a bite and your favorite brews!

4) Karaoke Hype

If you're coupled: Head to your local dive bar and do something out of your comfort zone. Karaoke it up! Choose a song that feeds your wild side or speaks to your inner Sinatra :). ('03 Bonnie and Clyde, anyone?)

If you're single: Find a place that offers a karaoke room and purchase and hour or two with you and your closest friends. Make it a themed love-song night to really get into the spirit! ("My Endless Love" must be on your setlist, right?)

5) Hike it Up!

If you're coupled: Who doesn't love the great outdoors. Take your honey to the nearest hiking area or trail and walk it out! This will give you a great opportunity to not only chat, but get in some exercise too! 

If you're single: Meet up with your buddies at a nearby hiking trail and get it gurrrl! There's no greater joy in life than fresh air and quality time with your closest friends!

And of course, if you're gonna dress for the occasion - here's what I'm planning to throw on!


  • My skirt is from Zara and its currently sold out, but here are some good dupes for you below!
  • The top is actually a dress by Urban Outfitters! Its a velvet pencil dress and i'm wearing it underneath the skirt and it's doubling as a top :)
  • Booties are by Matisse and I've basically been living in them lately
  • The jacket is an old vintage one I found years back but I've found a similar dupe below along with some wonderful cardigans.

Shop to your heart's content below! And Happy V-Day everyone!



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