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Caped in Metallic

Caped in Metallic

Well hello there. Fancy seeing you again. I'm dreaming of all the fun an fancy holiday outfits I plan to wear this season, but sadly, I have nowhere yet I plan to wear them to! BIG PROBLEM. Anyone want to invite me to an upcoming shindig? I promise I'll be the perfect guest! While you're thinking on that, I'll continue my spiel. Sooooo...As I've been pondering the fun and glam items currently in my closet, I began to look differently at a few items I didn't realize could have more life to them than the obvious. 

And that realllly got me thinking - sometimes things in your closet can seem dull or not very versatile when paired next to the rest of the stuff on the rack or in that one drawer (Yes, you know the drawer - the one you barely open, but you know it has gems in it) - it's always a fun surprise when you begin to look at a piece in a different way and end up opening up your mind to endless new possibilities for it.

In a funny way, our closet is kind of like life - you may think the same old thing needs to get thrown out entirely, but when you take the time to look at the situation from a different lens you open your eyes to a new type of truth and circumstance. Perhaps, it just needs a facelift. 

So, with all that hullabaloo Exhibit A is below. Here are the pieces I uncovered to craft this particular look and let me just come right out and say it - sometimes I put something together and I'm like "Eh, whatever" and other times I'm like "STOP THE PRESSES THIS IS JUST TOO GOOD" - this look was the latter. I rarely feel this much pride over non other than an outfit, but in this case, I'll make an exception. Here's what I did to make this thing come together:

1. The Sequined Crop Top - Yes, this is actually a crop top. Mine is by Wyldr (a super awesome brand that REVOLVE carries) - I usually wear this with high-waisted jeans, but was like, ummm, how else can I wear this so I can mix it up. Well, voila! IDEA: Try wearing your crop top over a dress - if its a tank top crop top and your dress has fun, flowy sleeves, all the better! 

2. The Green Printed Dress - Mine shown below is by Michael Kors and I absolutely adore it. You can see the actual dress worn here and here via insta, but sadly its now sold out. I've linked a few alternates for you in the scrolling reel below that are equally perfect. If you don't fancy these ones, just take a look at your closet and see about finding one you might think can do the trick. IDEA: The idea that clicked for me was to instead think of this dress as more of a skirt and that changed everything!

3. The Cape Blazer - If you don't have one of these yet, you're really missing out. This one is by WhoWhatWear for Target and I've worn it with sooo many fun things. Again, I've linked some for ya below. IDEA: Try a Cape Blazer! Its a different spin on a blazer that's an unexpected style boost!

4. The Perfect Winter Boot - SOREL is my LOVE! These Medina III puppies have gotten be through the worst of snow storms AND rainy days in ultimate class. They are equipped with a bass-ass heel too, so for short ladies like myself, it's always nice to kick the winter boot vibe up a notch. IDEA: Switch up your boring winter boots for something with a little more sass but that's still got versatility!

5. The Olive Fedora - When in doubt, wear a hat! This outfit would have been fine without it, but it just felt like the perfect addition to bring the whole look together. IDEA: Try a wide-brimmed hat with flowy locks for a fun style bump

That all for now babes! Hope you're killin' it at life and work and everything in between!

XO, SarahRileyRose

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